Going Green

Tomorrow everybody will be going green in a big way!  It's St. Patrick's Day, the one day of the year that everybody is Irish!  Pre-baby, I'd wear anything green I could find (shirt, beads, sunglasses, hat, you name it!) and enjoy myself at the local Irish pub.  This year, I'm sad to say I didn't even buy anything green for the baby to wear.  Oh well.  I'll still make us something Irish for dinner.  I'm going to try this recipe for Almost Irish Stew.  Maybe we'll have some Irish stout to go with it!

Check out Michelle's blog post on cabbage--A St. Patty's Day favorite--and why it's so good for you!  She even posted a recipe for roasted cabbage--yum! 

Also, check out this link if you'd like to try to win a book on green smoothies! 

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for linking! My roasted cabbage is as close as I'm getting to any real St. Pat's celebrating :-)

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