Weekend Shopping

Thursday night I attended a swap party!  What a great way to recycle!  A Holistic Moms group I belong to hosted the party.  You donate items you're done with (children's and women's) for items you can actually use!  So I donated some things I didn't need and came home with a beautiful sweater for myself, some clothes for Emma (including what you see in the picture), some books for Emma and toys (including this one, which she loves!)  

Saturday we hit a mothers market in Sparta.  I LOVE mothers markets!  They are like flea markets but with all baby and kids stuff!  Moms who are looking to get rid of their baby and kids clothes, toys, gear, etc. consign them at these markets.  So we went to our third one this weekend.  See this toy in the picture?  Retails for $100 on amazon and we got it for $10!  We also got a great Radio Flyer wooden ride-on toy for $5 along with tons of clothes for the summer (mostly Baby Gap!!!) for dirt cheap! 

3 Response to "Weekend Shopping"

  1. Jessica Says:

    Woo Hoo! I was hoping that Emma would grab that outfit! I brought that at Carters and never even got Molly in it. So glad someone is liking it!

    And let me know next time that Mom swap is happening! I LOVE flea markets!

  2. Marisa L. S. Says:

    Jess, there's on in Denville coming up, maybe it's Mar. 27? They are so worth it!!! There's one in Jefferson too in April.

  3. Marisa L. S. Says:

    And thanks for the outfit! It looked so cute on Emma!

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