Organic Fruits and Veggies Galore!!!

We try to buy organic whenever possible--though sometimes it's just way too expensive buying at the supermarket or Whole Foods.  We considered an organic CSA but then you're only getting produce for a few short months.  So about a month ago, we rejoined Purple Dragon Co-Op, an organic fruits and vegetables co-op.  The way it works is that you find a group in your area (in NJ or NY currently) to join and the produce is delivered there twice a month.  So we pick up our 20-30 lbs of produce every other Thursday at a location about 10 minutes from our home.  We love it--you never know what you're going to get until that week.  We often get unusual fruits or veggies which really gives us a chance to get creative in the kitchen!  The produce is local as much as possible and always really fresh.  This article was just published in a local paper about Purple Dragon in case you're interested and would like to learn more.

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